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Laser Scanning & Traditional Surveying Role In Planning Applications

Planning Applications – more than just filling in a form! Planning applications can be quite a challenge, espeically when dealing with listed buildings. Laser Scanning & Traditional Surveying Role In Planning Applications has over the last few years become an essential combo for many surveyors.  Using the total station to establish survey control and the…

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What Is An As built Survey?

As Built Surveys – Laser Scanning & Photogrammetry for Reality Capture To Create As Built Drawings & 3D Models This blog post / article is aimed at various questions that arise from the term “As Built” within the surveying industry.  There are several other buzz words associated with as-built surveys, including Reality Capture, Scan2BIM,  Laser…

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InterUrban Developments Ltd – Laser Scanning for Topographical Survey, TruViews & Elevations

Recently, M3S Surveys Ltd were contacted by Interurban Developments to carry out a site survey in Inverness. The following products were required: Topographical Survey Elevation Drawings 3D Model From the products M3S Surveys delivered. The files & data were passed on to other professionals including a drainage engineer, architect and town planner. Interurban Developments Ltd…

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