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As Built Survey – Laser Scanning & Photogrammetry (Reality Capture)

The M3S Surveys Ltd team have been utlising laser scanners for the last 10+ years. With rapid advances in technology and software with both instruments and computing power the team have always kept up to date with this. While constantly reviewing and improving workflows in the field and within the software. There are a range…

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RealityCapture – Earth Day

This was a 1st attempt from one of our Laser Scanning crew members – after successfully working through some in-house work instructions and the recent E-learning videos over on the Capturing Reality YouTube channel. They took their camera out on a recent cycle and took some shots of a tree and processed in RealityCapture. Not…

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Laser Scanning in Perth, Perthshire, Scotland

Our laser scanning surveyor is from Perth, Perthshire, Scotland. With the central belt only a short trip away and the highlands a bit further M3S are perfectly located to service the majority of the built environment covering Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, Stirling, Perth and Inverness, Laser scanning is quick, safe, accurate and captures vast amounts…

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Laser Scanning for Heritage – Historic England Guidance

Several members of the M3S Surveys Limited team were lucky enough while working at IIC Technologies Ltd to be involved in the laser scanning and printing of the dwellings at Keet Seel in Arizona.   This project made it as a case study in to Historic England’s 3D Laser Scanning for Heritage document that was…

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Leica Cyclone 9.4.2 – Latest Point Cloud Registration Software Release

Leica Cyclone 9.4.2 etc is the most recent version of the software that M3S Surveys Limited is currently using. This latest version has additional support for the Leica RTC360 and some improved ortho photo creation tools. Lorem ipsum dolor Suspendisse rutrum tortor justo, eu sollicitudin nisl pretium et. In a elit ligula. Curabitur ut felis…

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InterUrban Developments Ltd – Laser Scanning for Topographical Survey, TruViews & Elevations

Recently, M3S Surveys Ltd were contacted by Interurban Developments to carry out a site survey in Inverness. The following products were required: Topographical Survey Elevation Drawings 3D Model From the products M3S Surveys delivered. The files & data were passed on to other professionals including a drainage engineer, architect and town planner. Interurban Developments Ltd…

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