Leica P40 Laser Scanner

Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS)

Accurate and complete point clouds in any file format. Spatial information stored with intensity and colour values.

Total Station Land Survey

Topographic Surveys

Traditional outputs produced using latest technologies such as Robotic Total Stations, Digital Levels, GNSS Receivers, Laser Scanners and more.

Measured Building Survey

Building Surveys (MBS)

Detailed building surveys carried out before, during or after construction to produce 2D plans, sections and 3D models.

Aerial Surveys

Aerial Surveys

Processing aerial data such as imagery and LiDAR as well as carrying out low level surveys with Fixed Wing and Multi Rotor UAV’s.


Spatial Data Analysis & Processing

Analysis and transformation of existing datasets to meet new standards or to work on modern management systems.

Photogrammetry Phase One Medium Format Camera


Image based metric survey carried out using traditional – stereoscopic approach and modern techniques such as structure from motion (SfM)