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Laser Scanning, Krakow, Poland

Laser Scanning, Krakow, Poland Laser Scanning – Leica P40 & Leica RTC360 in Krakow, Poland M3S Surveys Ltd regularly carry out laser scanning surveys of building through out Poland. Krakow has many historical and heritage sites, with many buildings due to their design, lay out and angles best suited to laser scanning. Laser scanning is…

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Laser Scanning in Perth, Perthshire, Scotland

Our laser scanning surveyor is from Perth, Perthshire, Scotland. With the central belt only a short trip away and the highlands a bit further M3S are perfectly located to service the majority of the built environment covering Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, Stirling, Perth and Inverness, Laser scanning is quick, safe, accurate and captures vast amounts…

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