M3S Surveys - Academic & Professional Qualifications and Years of Work Experience

Who are we?

M3S Surveys is made of a team of people with talent and expertise in various areas of Geomatics. Sound knowledge of geodesy and cartography lays a solid foundation for services which M3S is offering to their customers. Our crew comprises of surveyors, photogrammetrists, GIS experts, cartographers, architects and urban planners. This environment creates a melting pot of skills ready to be utilised in many spatial projects.


What do we do?

M3S provides survey and data processing services using various techniques and technologies carefully selected for the task at hand. M3S main goal is to deliver high quality service at agreed time scale. We are happy to assess any opportunity our Clients present us with, as we are interested in all projects with spatial element to them.


How do we do this?

We are able to achieve this through keeping easy to manage size and high level of expertise and experience. Keeping up with latest technology allows us to constantly improve our toolset and becoming more efficient. Some of our services still require significant amount of time, however, we only provide quotes with achievable timeframes.

Why Work With Us - Years of Experience in Geomatics

Marcin Skuza

15+ Years In Geomatics Sector & Project Management

Marcin has extensive commercial experience in photogrammetry, remote sensing and close range surveys from static and mobile platforms. He has worked within the survey and photogrammetric industry since 2004. In recent years has been managing close range surveys specialists team. Work undertaken by his team included GNSS and optical surveys, laser scanning, photogrammetry and BIM projects for Clients such as UK universities (Leeds, Goldsmiths and Bangor, UK), museums (Natural History Museum, Ireland), national parks (Keet Seel and Betatakin, US) and other historical buildings listed by UNESCO, HE and CADW. Marcin has also been involved in number of research and engineering projects for UK customers and international partners.


Academic & Professional Qualifciaitons:

Krystian Kralewski

Photogrammetry & LiDAR Porcessing Since 2011

Krystian started his career in geomatics industry shortly after his graduation in 2007. While he was getting his degree in Environmental Engineering he took a role of photogrammetric technician. After a few years he moved on to processing aerial LiDAR data. The next big phase of his career was a supervisory role of a team of GIS Technicians and Cartographers in Arabian Gulf, where he was responsible for delivery of maps and data to a government organisation. On his return to Europe Krystian joined a multidisciplinary team of surveyors and spatial data analysts. There his attention was drawn to close range surveys. Currently Krystian works on processing of terrestrial point clouds and various ways of presentation of scan data.

Academic & Professional Qualifciaitons:

Barbara Kofinska


Barbara’s interest in heritage buildings started to show while she was still a student. It resulted in her bachelors and masters dissertations focusing on adaptation of heritage buildings into new functionality. In 2012 Barbara started to gather work experience in measured building surveys and design. She was focusing mainly on conceptual work and detailed designs of large and small scale commercial buildings. Four years ago she decided to use her skills in aid of professional presentation of precise measured building surveys. Barbara became proficient in laser scanning and point cloud processing. Since then she has been a valuable member of a close range surveys team working as a CAD and BIM technician as well as an architectural consultant.

Academic & Professional Qualifciaitons:

MRICS Chartered Surveyor

Alan Smith

MRICS Since 1985

Alan has over 40 years of experience as a Quanity Surveyor & Project Manager.

Academic & Professional Qualifciaitons:

  • Quanity Survey
  • RICS Membership, 1985